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5 Things to Consider Before You Quit

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

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I made the mistake of saying the “Q” word out loud. What Q word? QUIT.

Yes, I thought, what if I stopped writing intending to publish? Or just stop sharing writing altogether. If your answer is “Nothing is wrong with that”.

Oh, I agree, but there is a huge but.

I have big dreams. Those dreams are bigger than my reality.

[Oprah Interview + type dreams]

I wanted to quit. I wanted for a split second to lead a ‘normal’ life. But I quickly realized that was no longer an option for me. My heart would never recover from not keeping my promise. After reading the outline for my “Oprah Interview” book, and I knew quitting was not the answer. I have work to do. I have so much writing to do, but life is still happening. So much of life is happening. I entertained the thought and then my body agreed because I was tired. I am still tired, but then I decided I couldn’t do that to me or you.

I never saw writing as a career path. Writing kept me sane for a while; it’s still doing a pretty good job now too. When I first published, I opened a door that I have no business closing.

A few close friends and relatives viewed my next project’s outline and my sister remarked that if I ever wrote that book, it would be my best work to date. No pressure, right?

Things are different when you have people rooting for you. They’ll understand if you stop and you’ll probably be quite acceptable, but there will always be that question of what if? There are valid reasons to quit something. Everything has a season, and some things would have served their purpose.

But if you’re straddling the fence, here are some things to do before pulling the plug, before YOU pull the plug:

Take a break!

Don’t judge me, but my break included rewatching all 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and The Bridgerton series, among others. Give your mind and body time to just exist without plans or big dreams. Live your life, engage in some other hobbies, and connect with friends. Do anything that doesn't involve your superstar moment.

Remember Your Why

This is so cliche. But a heavy lifter. “Remember your why” is such a down-to-reality statement. The moment the spark happened and continued to grow. Think about how far you’ve come. Everything you learned along the way to help you achieve your reason for doing it. Take it home—the space where you knew exactly what the “end” looked like—the confetti moment.

Do Something else

I create other content. I enjoy dabbling in everything that brings me joy. Doing another activity can spark creativity inadvertently. Working on another project for yourself or someone else can help you regain some focus or give you ideas about how to approach your situation. Or, deep clean something, rearrange something, go through your closet. A little decluttering can create possibilities.

Rework The Plan

We all need a Plan B. Find out the alternative. What could you do differently? Did you do a “year in review”? Figure out what worked and what didn’t. Then create a new plan with what you know.

Ask For Help

One of my most significant accomplishments is asking for help with almost everything. I have projects waiting to happen. But I will not do them alone. Finding the right partner isn't a walk in the park. When you finally realize that your purpose isn’t to prove your worth, then time slows down, and you can appreciate everything. Plus, there is no room for competition. We're collaborating and building legacies. So ask for help. Ask people who can and want to help.

I’m not quitting. But I’ve thought about it. Long enough to have an escape route, but I don’t think I could live with myself if I stopped writing. That's like chopping out an essential organ.

Truth be told, you need me as much as I need to keep writing. I’m almost sure I make sense to at least one person. If that one person is you, then hey tribe!

Let’s keep going.

I don't promise regular updates, but subscribe for more! 😁😂

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Fantastic content! ♥️🙏🏾



BeautIfully written and perfectly timed. I needed this today.


dinelle davis-allen
dinelle davis-allen

This post was right on time!

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