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I Hope This Finds You

Dear You,

I hope this finds you. I do not know in what condition, but I hope it finds you. Take what you must and apply. Share if you are moved. But I hope it finds you. I write about my experiences in bits and pieces, but now and then something tells me to write something more.

For the past two years, I have been operating fully in my gift. I have been blessed with the ability to create, and I do this with intention and purpose. The “sweet surrender” lives rent free in my head. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, and I’d rather not worry about it. Not that I am unaware of the limitations that exist, I just don’t let them dictate or control the way I experience this season of my life.

I started 2018 without a job. It was a harsh reality to face because of certain circumstances, but it was a challenge I knew I had to overcome. Like clockwork, depression showed up. I remember spending days sleeping on the couch, only doing the basics. All that mattered was that I was alive. I had support and skills, so on days when I found the strength, I was job hunting. Mostly freelance opportunities and also figuring out how to make writing work for me by blogging.

By the end of 2018, I had three jobs, all freelance opportunities, and I was on my way to replenish my savings. Then the 2020 pandemic happened. I lost two of those opportunities, but by that time; I had already built tenacity, discipline, and developed a set of organizational principles that kept me grounded and focused on my work. I created. There was a plan.

Right after my 30th birthday, things changed. I was experiencing a mindset revolution that pushed me to set some boundaries. A series of experiences led me to adopt a level of honesty in order to function. I became intentional in my living, tending to my relationships, but understanding who I was and figuring how to carve out my life without the crowd or noise. I found I had to be better to myself in order to create the life I wanted.

My life isn’t an open book, but there are moments worth sharing because who knows? Someone might need to hear that better happens when you put in the work. To remember that your success is your success. You should never use someone else’s yardstick to measure your worth or decide that your progress isn’t worth celebrating.

I take chances. I beat myself up about it first, but I leap. Sometimes I don’t win, but every single time, I learn something new. Whether it’s about myself, my work or the people around me. I learn and I apply those lessons. We are not here to mirror each other. We are here to accept, respect, and support each other because life and living aren't one size fits all.

Here is what I constantly remind myself:

Know your capacity.

Exercise gratitude

Set realistic goals.

Enforce your boundaries with a firm no when lines are crossed.

Know when you are wanted and find the courage to leave.

Treat yourself well.

Hold yourself accountable, you’re not always right.

Acknowledge your mistakes and sincerely apologize.

Value the people that wholeheartedly support you even if they don’t tell you every day.

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