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It’s Time to be Smart about who you have on your Team.

The people you have on your team matters.

You will always hear this and I’ll add my own words to the chorus. A few years ago, I tried getting a group of people together for a great project but it tanked. The project is still a fantastic idea and the people were great candidates, but the timing was off among other things. I eventually met people who not only shared my passion for creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship and life hasn’t been the same. You will always hear that teamwork makes the dream work so let me drop a few nuggets about how to make sure the tribe is right.

Passion is Key: All ideas are great but if people don’t share your passion or can even glimpse the iceberg of anything you are talking about. Just be careful. Some people will take some time to warm up to you and your ideas but let me tell you this, if off the bat they don’t get it, just don’t waste your time explaining it. Move on.

Everyone Can’t Go: I have a habit of wanting the people around me to be in on the magic. But like that bit about passion, you have to know that you can’t take everyone with you. Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship or whatever crazy idea you got going on. So, be mindful, protect yourself, and learn to leave them behind. Sorry, not sorry. Know when to walk away. Understand that they not everyone will want in on YOUR magic and that’s ok. Everybody, just can’t go.

No one is You: So you have this really dope idea and you can see where it’s going. The big picture is clear but you got a partner or potential partner that’s “ify” and not as creative as you are and somehow you have to compromise your creative genius for the sake of the partnership. I hate to say it but, don’t dumb down your chi to make people feel special. Harsh but, it is what it is. Also, stop expecting your level of creativity from people who clearly don’t have it.

You can’t do it alone: So far I’m telling you to jump ship, drop dead weight, and carry on. I hope you get that but get this too. You owe it to your magical self to align with forward-thinking, creative, geniuses who can show you the ropes on know how to build and even want to build with you. Learn to ask for help. Go out looking for it, and you’ll be surprised to know that there is a whole population out there just like you. Better yet, there will always be someone willing to work with you to perfect your craft and get the dream up and running. Find your tribe, and you might shock yourself.

Drown out the naysayers: This goes without saying. Folks who aren’t doing what you’re doing or even have the gall to do it will always have something to say. Not every criticism is worth it. It is imperative to know who you’re taking advice from and what they’re dishing out. The beginning will always look like nothing is happening, and folks will be talking. Don’t get me wrong, criticism is good but you gotta listen carefully. Are they offering alternatives or just talking a lot? Pay attention, the downers aren’t builders, and you need folks who can offer actual solutions, not just complaints.

Whatever stage in this life of dream building you are in, all this is relevant. Friends, family, associates, you know who they are and what role they play in all of this. No need to point them out, just make the necessary adjustments and act accordingly. We are in a season where we cannot and will not tolerate mediocrity and lagging. So, know who got dropped who you don’t need (no hard feelings, or maybe, whatever), and go out there be your talented magical self. The world needs it.



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Makeda Reynolds
Makeda Reynolds
Jun 19, 2020



Joanna Hinton
Joanna Hinton
May 28, 2020

Yes! Every one isn’t made to be on your team! The people that want to be on your team will do whatever in their power it is to help reach your goal! I wish you much success 💜 when you have a chance, check out!

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