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Updated: May 14, 2020

The Real Miki

Knowing who you are and loving every part goes hand–in- hand. My last year of undergrad was a little crazy, full-time work, juggling multiple positions and full-time school was no joke.  I even managed to still have a decent social life. Looking back I have no regrets, I felt I had a good handle on the whole thing. With all the mess that was going on I could’ve easily lost myself but it was in that last year at UWI that I found Janeth. She’s a tough cookie.

I realized that instead of breaking, I fight. When things are it its hardest, when the pressure to excel is extreme, I drop everything and work my ass off. It was during that time that I truly appreciated the time I spent alone, trying to figure things out. Frankly, no one really knows what’s best for you, but you. Over the years, hard times really hit and hit hard. I rarely share my struggles because people have a way of offering pity instead of encouragement. I hate pity. I found ways to motivate myself. I write. I am stubborn but will compromise when it makes sense to me. If I love you, family, friend or otherwise, I love you and you will know.

My sister’s friend Dona died in 2006 and that changed my outlook on love and happily ever after. I was still picky with those I share my time with but if my soul connected with yours, rest assured I will never let that connection go. I began believing that everything happened for a reason and accepting God’s will.

I accepted my flaws and I was happy with them. I learned that if I love them and fully accepted them as they are, how will anyone use them against me?

I am constantly looking for ways to improve. There are little things and some big things that I could really change. I am never afraid of change. I openly accept the challenge.

I know who I am, I know what moves me, and I know what I want. I understand that life will throw me curveballs; I accept curveballs, those curveballs are teachers. They teach perseverance. I always take the lesson. Always. I love who I am and for some strange reason a couple of folks out there love me too.

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