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Revel in Your Authenticity!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020


As you might know, I am a Poet. My first book and my plunge into author-land was an anthology called Bloom by 30, The Miki Chronicles!


Bloom by 30, The Miki Chronicles

I self-published in 2016 with an amazing response from everyone. As I continue to Bloom, my poetry has evolved and I found myself writing more intentional pieces. Through my words, I hope to inspire, motivate and spread love, positivity, and light.

Bloom by 30, was about coming into a season with gratitude for the process and Blooming at my own pace. Shedding anxiety-ridden stereotypes and expectations of becoming by a certain time, and living life unapologetically, learning, and evolving every single day.

I wrote this piece after what I considered a poetic drought.

In all my time here,

You know, on earth

I have never seen another’s life and thought, ”oh I wish that was me

I learned very early about being blessed and highly favored.

My family made sure I knew how remarkable I was. In fact, the level of positive reinforcement I received as a child and even as an adult is enough for me to spread it far and wide.

I know, if I ever felt that I wasn’t enough, it was all my doing.

I was always told I’d be something.

I always had someone believing in me.

I always had love around me.

Not just any love, real, reciprocated unconditional love.

The kind that makes you wake up every day wanting to be more, to be better and do better.

If it sounds like I’m bragging, I’m allowed to.

I’m pretty hard on myself.

With my potential, untapped, tapped and on display, I always think I can do more.

But, I have to be grateful.

There are people in this world that never had love in their nurturing years.

So, they don’t know how to truly love and be loved.

I have to remember that even with the love I am still getting, to be easy on myself.

But, I know, having this life and this kind of love is definitely my calling.

But love comes with hard boundaries.

I am learning to respect my own boundaries for the sake of my giving heart.

I am giving my time, energy and talent in spaces worthy of me.

Again, in all my time here, on this earth, I’ve never wanted anything but my own life.

Especially because I know why I was created and how to use my existence for love and only love.

I think we all ought to have to know who we are in this world to survive.   Evolution and growth are birthed from understanding, acceptance, and love, through introspection, without requiring external validation. Evolve in such a way that no one can question who you are at any time.

Find who you are and be just that. Be fearlessly authentic.

Love you. Be You. Always. Miki

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