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Self-love is a concept that has taken many meanings over time. But the only important meaning is the one you give it. How you love yourself sets the tone for how you will be loved by others. Learning your love language allows you to confidently express who you are without fear or judgment. It also creates a safe space for you to understand others and their love language.

But what if that person is experiencing a lack of awareness into what it means to TRULY love themselves?

You practice non-judgment.

You can also create a safe, nurturing space for them to express themselves. Let’s be honest.
Most people love themselves but hate their actions.

But how can you create that space?

You listen.

Despite all that you are going through, you can still be a friend to a friend during a hard season. Most people want someone to listen, again without judgment or fear of being judged.

What do you say?

Sometimes nothing. Sometimes you have to be practical about your advice but it all boils down to what that person needs at the time. Ask the hard questions. What can I do? How did you get here? How can we fix this?

They won't always have the answers and sometimes what they need is just to know they have someone.

Where do you stand on this?

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