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What is woman?

She was assigned a pronoun from HIM

In the beginning, she was taken from HIS rib

HE was assigned to protect HER

HE had a job, HE failed.

What is woman?

Woman, from MAN or by MAN without a MAN, still WOMAN

What is woman?

An exquisite masterpiece

Was she likened unto MAN or perfected in her OWN way?

The burden placed upon her to create, nurture, protect, build and continue existence but at the mercy of HIM.

She MUST follow him or suffer extenuating consequences.

She MUST cower at the sound of his voice, while he lays down the law for HER OWN GOOD.

She MUST listen and OBEY what he command for the sake of PEACE.

She MUST trust that HE knows WHAT is BEST for HER.

What is WOMAN?

No invitation required for the monthly soiree, guest starring ovaries, fallopian tubes and punch bowl of blood.

With cramps on the turntables playing all the hits for a full body meltdown of emotions

No pause

WOMAN must keep going

Things must be done

Body under attack, emotions out of whack

HE must know what this feels like.

How does HE get to regulate and stipulate what ANY WOMAN does with HER cycle?

What does HE know about being a WOMAN?

What is WOMAN?

She is strong, independent, courageous, gentle, nurturing, and proud.

What is WOMAN?


Not just any WOMAN, A BLACK Woman

Created with a double portion of struggle with a double portion of strength


Strong, independent, courageous, gentle, nurturing, and proud


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