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How to Wear Red Lipstick.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

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Welcome to my Ted Talk!

I’m seriously practicing because I plan to have a real one— one day. I talk out loud in my apartment because hearing the words leave my lips makes a whole lot of difference. I have to make sure the words make sense somehow before I write them.

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For the past two months, I have been having an existential crisis. It was halfway through the year and I had done nothing to further any of my Brands, writing or blog(s). I have a habit of making promises to myself with the intention of keeping them so when I found these pages staring back at me, blank, lacking substance, void of my voice, I panicked. I know panicking is never the appropriate response but something was missing and I needed to regroup, revamp and get to work.

I thought about the people that kept pouring into me. A good talk or a couple good talks can really change your perspective and life. One of the best things you can do is ensure you’re completely surrounded by people who know how to pour from a place of love.

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What do I mean?

You will get a lot of advice. Some you will probably take, others you might ignore. But, there is something different about when a person truly cares about your well being. They understand your ins and outs and knows exactly how to get you motivated.

So, because I was poured into from all angles, I wanted to pay it forward and a piece of advice. The inspiration for this piece came while working another blog post about my top five red lipsticks. One of my favorite cosmetic companies just launched a new shade of red that got me super excited. But have you thought about how many shades of red lipstick are already are out there? Why do we need another shade of red? But why not?

It got me thinking…

We were all made with unique abilities. It doesn’t matter how similar we are there is something innate to YOU. There is no other with your skillset, mindset, motivation and style.

so, just live your life like a brand new shade of red lipstick.

Red lipstick?


Just hear me out.

Self-doubt kills dreams. Self-doubt riddled by anxiety kills dreams faster. But the dream was fighting. So while the existential crisis brewed, the red lipstick epiphany happened. I love lipstick but especially a red lip. When I had a nine to five, a red lip and rainy day was my heart’s bliss. I’m always ready to buy the next best red lip so it got me thinking. Red lipsticks aren’t thinking about who they fit. They just. So here are my red lipstick life lessons:

  1. Your shade of red will fit the right person:

  2. You will never be for everyone so it doesn’t make sense to try and fit everyone into your dream. For my 31st birthday, I gave out a lipstick to my brunch guest, it wasn’t red by close enough. What I realized, the color fit every single woman in a different way. So, hear this, it’s ok if certain people, places and things do not fit in your dream. Accept that and move on. God will align all the right people that will allow your dreams to manifest.

  3. Buy the damn lipstick:

  4. Hemming and hawing over whether or not you take the risk are pointless. After already going through so many hills and valleys to get the place you are now, what’s another risk. In fact, risk it all. Be strategic, apply copious amounts of creativity, and kill the execution.

  5. Wear it well:

  6. Be proud of your accomplishments. No matter where you are on this journey, the lessons have been profound and you have taken steps forward. Wear your accomplishments well.

  7. Try new shades:

  8. The things you’re used to will always be there. Explore different things. Delve deeper into your creativity and unearth more of you. You will attract more love and appreciation for your talents so you can share it with the world.

Maybe lipstick isn’t your thing but you get the drift.

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Be as bold, daring, subtle and ever so necessary as a wicked red lip on a rainy day. Create your sunshine, find your purpose and work on it every single chance you get.

My two cents,

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