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How To Get Out Of Your Way

I started a Youtube Channel. I despised the idea of a vlog but, it was time. I got out of my comfort zone. But I think my first official video was so legit I had to sum it up in a blog post for you. Watch Video here:

In the meantime, how do you get out of your way?


Take stock of your skills and experience. Look at EVERYTHING you CAN do. Pay no attention to the things you don't have at the moment. When you start using the skills you have, your gift will make room for you. Creativity is infinite. The more you create the more you will generate.


You can start small. The important thing is that you start. Overthinking will get the best of you but don't hem and haw over the minor stuff. Just START.


You want to make an impact but you won't be for everyone. Have a strategy, know who you are targeting. You never who is your message will reach but it’s vital to hone in on an audience. Also, your people will find you, just be authentic and transparent.


Sometimes walking in your purpose gets lonely. Or, it feels like that. You sometimes have to put on your big girl or big boy pants and cheer for yourself. Believe in what you are doing.


I’ve been on an "oh, well, let’s see what happens" kinda vibe. I do it anyway because what’s the worst that could happen? Never dwell on the worst thing or use it to demotivate you. Just do it anyways but the good thing about doing it is that you get to see how it's done and then you can go back and try again.


You have to get up and write the book, start the blog, or whatever it is you are putting off. Do the research, find out how this works, take the class. I can tell you that I've learned a lot from social media, especially Black women. I have taken quite a few webinars, seminars and downloaded all the freebies. But I took it a step further and applied what I learned to create.


No man is an island. Creative entrepreneurship is not a lonely ship. Ask for help whether it's in daily life or in business. Support is key to your success. Networking is what will get you where you need to be. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to collaborate. Collaboration over the competition, all day, every day.

This is not a race. This is a journey and the best thing you can do is use what you have and start. As much as the world has lost in 2020. I am grateful for the plenty I gained creatively.

If you’re working and want to collaborate with me. Let me know. As crazy as things actually are right now, we might find space to make some magic.

Much Love,


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