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Five Tips for Newbie Naturalistas! 

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

On February 21, 2014, like any other Friday night, I went home but this time, I took a tiny scissors and chopped my hair off. A little cliché but it was THE most liberating experience of my life. My last relaxer before the chop was in September 2013. The low cut was different, I even discovered that I don’t have a big head; it was an interesting look and I was so ready to rock it.

Fast forward to 2018 and I can surely say it has been an interesting four years. I have since created an Instagram page dedicated solely to my natural hair journey. The Miki Effect features, natural hair styles worn by me, styles I have done on others, tips, products and general love for women who fashionable wear their natural hair. There is this misconception that having natural hair is easy and cheap. Here are a few things I discovered on the journey and I do hope you find them useful.

  1. Trial and error: Before you try it, do some research. Natural hair bloggers/vloggers will give you tips and tricks and product results. After your research, its helpful to try to the products. Not every product will give the same results based on your hair type but will be worth trying. This brings us right into my next point. To get the best results, use the whole line or most of them. Some will work for you and some won’t. Also, bear in mind that results may vary based on your hair type. Your research should also include hair care tips. Find ways to care for your hair: Does it shed? Is it extra curly and prone to tangling? Again, read all you can on how to care for your hair. Develop a routine to maintain moisture and retain length. The right combs, proper techniques, even the right protective styles. My hair has a mind of its own and tangles easily, so I am now using Mielle Organics Pre-Shampoo Treatment to help with detangling.

  2. Protective Styles are AMAZING! : I had the smart idea of coloring my hair blue-black around summer 2015. I love to experiment so I bought some color from the beauty supply store and set up my lab. I thought it didn’t take the first week, so I went back for another session. Big mistake. My beautiful curl pattern was demolished. I tried so many things to revive the hair to no avail; another big chop was necessary. I cut off all the straight ends and started over. I took to perm rods and with a few lessons from “YouTube University”, I mastered the art of crochet braids. My tip: Find a protective style that works for you. One that is relatively cheap and that you are able to manage without professional touch-ups. One of my favorite Vloggers/Protective Stylist is Beautycanbraid based in Tampa, Florida.

  3. Find a natural hair stylist: I have had to get professional help a few times, however, the visits were far and few in-between. They were also for different things. In February 2015 I traveled to Fort Greene, Brooklyn to Time Studio Inc, for my first chopaversay cut and color with Keron.


With some perm rods

In May 2016, Kat took control of the bush with my third chop and first silk press.


Perm Rods by Julie Dastine

  1. Every stylist will tell you to get a trim. You can always try to do this on your own but I think you should get professional help. Find someone who knows what they are talking about. Yes, I recommend all the stylists mentioned above.

  2. Make your own products: As you love for natural hair grows, you will start paying special attention to what you use. I love the DIY projects. Pinterest is my friend and again YouTube has been very helpful. The best thing about making your own is that the ingredients can be found in the supermarket and yes, organic is highly recommended. I do buy products, but every now and then I whip up a concoction for my hair. Your hair needs love, just give it.

  3. Wear your hair with confidence: Black women have been told for so long that wearing their natural hair is unprofessional or bad. Now is not the time to hide the beauty of all that hair. Even if you’re a baldy, rock that low cut girl! Be confident. I am just happy that some days I don’t have to comb my hair and I get compliments from all angles. Proudly stunt your crown!

I am here to keep you motivated on your journey so let’s chat sometime. Be sure to follow me at The Miki Effect for more tips and and pictures!

Happy Nappy!


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