My name is Janeth Benjamin, and I am The Miki Chronicles.  I am a freelance writer specializing in content creation, Social Security brief writing. blogging, and poetry. I am located in the Bronx, NYC I am also a curator and creator of designs showcased in my online store. 


I started blogging in 2014 in an attempt to document and share my experiences, observations, and general ideas about love, life, and relationships. On my 30th birthday, I announced that I would be publishing my words.  In April 2016, I published my first book, Bloom by 30, The Miki Chronicles after realizing that writing was my true passion. The book was a dedication to my growth and included poems I had written since I was a teenager.

Things have changed tremendously since then.  An unexplainable but completely welcoming burst of passion has taken over.  I am here ready and willing to share what I've learned in the past few years, in love, out of love, finding my passion, my relationship with God, pursuing the art of writing,  and being a positive light in the universe. 


I am here to motivate and help anyone willing to push through circumstances and passionately pursue their purpose. I will be sharing my stories through, poetry, blogging, and conversation.  I hope the lessons I learned and continue to learn will impact someone, somewhere. I hope my message is filled with love. I welcome comments, suggestions, and just all the love and light you have to give.

If you ever find yourself, moved, just a little by a few scattered words, ponder those words. 

©The Miki Chronicles 2020

Bronx, NY, USA

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