• One of the significant lessons from this year is going back to the basics. We are relearning how to be more compassionate with each other, enjoying simple pleasures, reconnecting with ourselves, and actually having hobbies again. We have also learned how to reinforce and integrate self-care into our lives. To say that poetry has changed my life is an understatement. It was a hobby turned to my life's purpose and something that has been more than a hobby for over two decades.


    The Poetry Box Collaborative is a celebration of poets and poetry with items carefully curated to create a unique self-care experience through words, relaxation, and self-awareness. The first box will accompany the launch of the paperback of my second book, April Shower, which is a collection of poetry about self-love and embracing your authentic self. It speaks about constantly choosing what’s best for you, above everything else. 


     The Poetry Box Launch will include:



    About Chillogy

    Hi, we are Chillology, a daily lifestyle brand that offers premium loose leaf teas, botanicals & herbs along with home goods, to enhance your living space. We use the word “chill” to mean “wellness” - as a destination and not a journey - you can’t really be chill (well) if your life, on a 360° spectrum, isn’t balanced. A chill life (or a well life) is arrived at by incorporating different self-care activities into your life. We focus on both internal (nourishment + care of one’s body) + external (maintaining that outer glow).


    Dacia, Founder.




    AKINAHS LLERON was founded in the midst of my own chaos, a testament to the strength of self-love and our own magic. Each of the candles in the Elements Collection encompasses a key part of the journey that brought me to this point. Poetry was my first form of expression and one I've always held dear. In moments when I felt I couldn't speak, I could put pen to paper and the words would just flow. When deciding the fragrance for Poetry, I knew I wanted something comforting. The kind of fragrance you enjoy during a warm embrace. Poetry is a beautiful balance of sweet coconut, soft vanilla, sandalwood, and amber. Poetry is an experience I think everyone deserves and I hope it's as touching as the one I've had. 


    Nika , Founder.

    The Poetry Box

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