Action: Not a Bag A Mout

How many of us will look back at our story with regret? Or worse, standby and let life pass you because you’re afraid?

We all have troubled times but the best of times comes from the worst memories. As cliche as that sounds it’s the truth. The world is changing and we have to be prepared for just about anything at this point. So many things have happened this year and we owe a debt of gratitude to the creator for keeping us. While the world has been falling apart more visibly at the seams some of us have been creating and creating and creating. It’s what we do best and you know what it’s a great way to cope.

Earlier this year, I introduced you all to Sharline Hamilton-Walker and her book Purpose; but what has happened since is beyond amazing. While working on Purpose, the idea for a new project was born; An anthology filled with stories from women about their relationship with their fathers. I Am My Father’s Daughter is set for release next Spring, but that’s not the only thing that happened. An inevitable connection led to another incredible project; Not a Bag a Mout, The Podcast.

So many Zoom meetings later and we have launched the newest podcast to hit the airwaves on Anchor. We are also streaming on 7 other platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts. What’s so special about Not A Bag a Mout? Well, we’re both Jamaican immigrants living in the US and Canada. We managed to make-do and create something we’re both proud of and happily share with our family and friends. Our episodes are geared towards showing a bit more of our mindset about life and relationships while leaving some inspiration behind our story and journey. We have our similarities and differences but there is a real connection bred in the hills of St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies. Something we are shouting from every mic because #jamaicaraiseduswell.

We are in a season where legacy is important. We both believe that it is important to pursue your passion and fulfill your purpose for the good of the next generation. As Caribbean women, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because we were raised that way. To excel in areas we only dreamed of in new places. We are both happy to be sharing this experience with the world.

You can listen to our first three episodes Here! Remember to follow us on Instagram and share!

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