I am a freelance writer/editor specializing in content creation, copywriting, and drafting Social Security disability briefs.

I also write and edit resumes and other documents. For booking, email info@themikichronicles.com.




Observe| Experience| Write

The Miki Chronicles BLOG is about sharing lessons on my journey based on my observation and/or experience.

My posts are about love, life, and relationships with heaps of motivation!

I accept guest posts and stories. Email me at info@themikichronicles.com for more information.



I self-published my first book in 2016 as a dedication to my 30th birthday. The book, Bloom by 30, The Miki Chronicles, is filled with poems I had written from high school until I was jumping into my 30s. 

The book's main theme is growth. It shows how my writing evolved over time and also how my words helped me bloom and become the woman I am by Faith.

My second book, April Showers, is a poetry chapbook that will be released in Fall 2020. 



If you ever find yourself, moved, just a little by these scattered words, ponder those words

My love for poetry started at age 7 in Jamaica. Through my Primary School, I entered poetry festivals and was awarded medals for my renditions. 


As I got older poetry served as my coping mechanism. It was always my safe space to reflect and fully express my emotions and reactions about things in my life. From this love, came Bloom by 30 and I continue to let my words bleed on paper. 

Over the years my poems have covered angst from falling too hard to motivational mantras filled with hope and inspiration fueled by faith. I occasionally post poems on my Instagram account but you can read some at the link below. 

Dope Black Woman

I am a woman of many skills and talents and I plan on exploring all of them. I currently hold and a BA in History, with a criminology minor and an MS in Criminal Justice with a Human Services Concentration. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and my research paper is currently hosted on the King Graduate School Website. 

I proudly sport my natural Black of hair with varying styles and I occasionally express my creativity through different makeup looks. I strive to debunk all the unnecessary stereotypes about Black Women. I am a proud Jamaican with excellent cooking skills. I am a weirdo, storyteller, lover of God, books, wine, tea, coffee, DIY, and solitude. For a visual representation of the eternal dopeness, see The Miki Effect.